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Love Your Pet

The Dog Wash People is a registered business in the State of Queensland. The Dog Wash People is a privately owned Queensland business. The Registrar of Trade Marks has registered the trade mark represented on all our paperwork & uniforms & trailers.


Owner | Operator


Liver treats/chicken treats/Beef strips. Nothing says thank you like something to nibble on after a wash.


Nothing more refreshing and relaxing when the weather is cold more than a nice rinse off of warm water before and after the shampoo. Clean fresh water every wash.


Vets & other dog wash firms charge extra for nail clipping. The Dog Wash People have never & will never charge for nail clipping. It is simple a complimentary courtesy.


What a delightful smell after the wash. Dogs are certainly not averse to the cologne. Most clients love it. Again, it is a complimentary courtesy.

Why are we different

The Dog Wash People registered business in the State of Queensland. Our Trademark has an application pending with Trade & Patent Services.

Professional & Affordable Mobile Dog Hydrobathing

The Dog Wash People prices are set prices so that getting your dog washes once a week, fortnight or monthly is truly affordable and within the budget. Remember Pensioner discounts apply.

Pre-brush To Lossen Dirt

To get a more effective Dog wash and to remove dead/cluttered/mattered/tangled hair , we do a brush with a 18 prong brush that requires little or no pressure.

Fresh Clean Water

We use fresh clean water for every dog wash even if there is more than one dog at the premises. Fresh clean water reduces the risk of cross contamination or cross infection from one dog to another.

Towel or Chamois Dried

We use fresh clean & washed Towels on every single dog - Sometimes more than one. First we use a chamois, then a towel & if required a blow dry. Indoor dogs get a blow dry but outdoor dogs is up to the clients.

Our Staff


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